Hello! I'm Kevin Labory.

I am CTO and back-end developer located in Brest, Brittany. I have 10 years of experience in IT development and web technologies in agencies and in several startups. Today, I help young companies and those with a formal approach to innovation to design the architecture of their APIs, databases, web and mobile applications.

My passion for new technologies leads me to constantly train myself in order to master tools such as Git, MongoDB, GraphQL, Node.js or React.


I will be your privileged contact person throughout the entire process. If you have any requests that go beyond my range of services, I can rely on a network of competent freelancers.

Consulting & Software Expertise

Integrate new technologies that must coexist and interoperate with existing ones.

  • JS application audit.
  • DevOps (automation et collaboration).
  • Agile coaching with the end-user at the center.
Application Development

Following the philosophy of using serverless architecture to create modern web experiences.

  • Scalable and robust REST or GraphQL APIs.
  • Web applications Node.js, React, Gatsby.
  • Git and CI to optimize deployment for a faster development workflow.
Innovation & Digital

Professional and personalised services that will help you build an MVP for your team quickly and efficiently.

  • Technical Feasibility Study.
  • Assistance in the design of a Minimum Viable Product.
  • Accompaniment in the implementation of no-code tools.


Current and past projects in which I took part as a Technical Advisor and DevOps engineer.

Having a new project in mind?

You wish to build up or enhance the R&D capacity of your organisation? Looking for an experienced freelance developer?

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